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Cut through red tape. Cut to the front of the line. Cut wasteful spending.

SEC3URE Passport is the proven leader in compliant, efficient medical supplier credentialing and verification. Our portable digital credential connects vendors to hospital purchasing departments, dramatically reducing barriers to entry. The result? A supply chain that’s stronger, easier to control … and easier than ever to sell into.

SEC3URE Passport For Medical Suppliers & Vendors

(I’m Seeking Credentials)

  • “One & Done” credential with access to 10,000 registered facilities.
  • Why wait in line? Get approval in minutes.
  • More time + more appointments = more sales.

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SEC3URE Passport For Hospital Purchasing Departments

(I Manage Credentials)

  • Know who’s onsite, selling—and negotiate better deals.
  • Run a tighter, more compliant supply chain.
  • Zero up-front investment required.

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