IntelliCentrics is a community of professionals, patients, their families, and facilities, working together to achieve a safe and healthcare experience.

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A healthcare experience is when everyone, including the patient, understands and actively participates in providing care.

care stands for:

C3ommunication, Compliance, and Consistency
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What’s your role?

You see, it turns out that we all play a role in helping our loved ones obtain the best possible care because everyone deserves a healthcare experience.

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We are thankful and proud of our nearly 10,000 registered healthcare locations internationally and our 550,000 industry partners that are already leading the way. We are vibrant, growing and want to continue to support our community!

So let’s begin! Whatever your role, you can use the KNOW BEFORE YOU GO facility checker to see if your healthcare location of choice is !

10,000 Healthcare Facilities Internationally

550,000+ Registered Members to Date

10,000,000+ Document Pages Processed to Date

You are a Healthcare Administrator

Your role has never been more challenging. Patient safety and engagement requirements are increasing and must be considered. Professional staff are overworked, the cost of non-compliance is increasing, and margins are shrinking. You’re faced with the requirement to measure, standardize, and track progress on strategic and operational goals.

The IntelliCentrics community addresses and anticipates these concerns. The result is a safer environment, reducing chances of readmission and keeping costs down. From doctors and patients, clinical care and compliance, security and vendors, to HR and administrative staff, we all play a role in a safe and experience.

Non-Compliance is Risky Business


You are a Provider or Caregiver

You work countless hours to save lives in the most stressful of conditions, yet you are burdened with paperwork consuming 25% of your week. You dream of being able to spend quality time with more patients at more locations, devoting less time to administrative tasks while still meeting regulatory requirements.

The IntelliCentrics community recognizes and addresses your frustrations by helping your institutions onboard you faster. Together, we help you communicate effectively, easily access best practices, and improve your productivity. All of this impacts the quality of care that your patients receive.

Five Reasons to Outsource Medical Credentialing



You are a Patient

Remember the last time you set foot in a hospital? You felt vulnerable because of the lack of information. You needed confidence that the facility you chose will manage your care with your privacy in mind. You also needed to understand what your role was in improving your health. You desired to be able to include family and friends in your treatment plan.

The IntelliCentrics community recognizes the importance of your understanding of which steps you need to take to improve your health. We listen to your stories and anticipate your needs to minimize your risk of exposure to infections. Look now and find out which facilities prioritize and consider safety and best practices.




You are a Family, Friend or Patient Visitor

You’re a lifeline of stability and hope for your loved one receiving care. We all know the one thing you want to do is help. The information you looking for is scattered, unorganized and everywhere. You do not know where to start. The IntelliCentrics community shares information and recommendations on how to prevent further infection and ensure your loved one’s quality of care.

IntelliCentrics care brings together all of the resources you need to confidently lead your loved one to a healthy recovery. It begins with knowing the facility you select has a community of dedicated professionals working together under the  philosophy. Find the IntelliCentrics facilities closest to you.

Top 10 Ways to Stop Infection





You are a Healthcare Supplier

We realize your job is to introduce, contract, and educate, healthcare facilities, medical providers and care givers on your technologies and services. You’d rather be caring for your customers, unburdened by paperwork and administrative tasks. Ideally, all your requirements and information you need to do your job would be located in one simple place.

The IntelliCentrics community is your global pass to facilities, providers, and caregivers in a cost effective platform. Together, we reduce the time necessary to meet facilities’ and patient safety policies and procedures, Join the nearly 10,000 providers in the IntelliCentrics community.

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