Healthcare Facility Employee

  • Medical Staff / AHP Staff Credentialing
  • Clinical Contractor
  • Non-Medical Staff Credentialing
  • Supplier & Vendor Credentialing
  • Nurse Credentialing
  • Volunteer Management
  • Patient Visitor Management
  • Radiation Safety
  • Medical Students
  • Assistance with Implementation


Facility Vendor or Contractor

  • Individual membership information
  • Corporate account administration
  • Supplier & Vendor Credentialing
  • Clinical Contractor Credentialing
  • Nurse Credentialing
  • Radiation Safety
  • e-Training
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Drug & Titer Testing
  • Immunizations
  • Liability Insurance
  • Customer Service


Media, Press, & Other

  • Media Contact at IntelliCentrics
  • Company Information
  • Logo
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Other


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For Sales and Customer Service information please call 817-SEC3URE (732-3873).

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Healthcare Facility Employee Existing Customer
Dial #3, 
or use Online Help Form here or email

Healthcare Facility Employee New Customer 
Dial #9 or use Online Help Form here

Facility Vendor or Contractor
Dial #1 or use Online Help Form here or email

Credential Verification Support
Dial #5 or email

Implementation Support
Dial #7 or email

Corporate Account Administrators
Dial #8 or email


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