Each year the number of Accountable Care Organizations(ACOs) is growing. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), ACOs are “groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers, who come together voluntarily to give coordinated high quality care to their Medicare patients.”
Your healthcare facility may already be part of an ACO or you may be considering joining or leading an ACO. If an ACO is on your roadmap, then you need to understand the critical role vendor credentialing can play in your success.

Providers within an ACO are incentivized to reduce the cost of healthcare for the Medicare patients within its system. Based on cost benchmarks established by CMS, the amount an ACO will be paid is determined by how much the organization saved versus what Medicare expected to pay out. The bottom line is every time your facility avoids preventable adverse events which cost money through longer hospital stays and readmissions, you improve your chances to gain additional revenue through the ACO program.
Countless numbers of people enter and leave hospitals each day. As a result, patients may come into contact with multiple groups of people, including medical staff, non-medical staff, hospital contractors, vendors, volunteers and visitors. To create a culture focused on patient safety, it’s important for hospitals to know who enters their facilities, who they are visiting, and whether they meet the security requirements.
Since one major type of preventable adverse event is a hospital-acquired infection, it’s essential that your facility put as many controls as possible in place to keep this from happening. Just as you require your employees to understand the protocols to prevent infection and have the necessary immunizations, it’s important to hold your professional visitors to the same standards. By specifying the specific credentials required to enter certain parts of your facility, you can help lower the risk of infection and control the related costs to patients and your organization.
Managing these credentials can be a daunting task. IntelliCentrics’ proven vendor credentialing system, Reptrax, makes it easier to efficiently credential every representative that visits your facility and any facility within your health system while still protecting the health and safety of your patients.
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