is the industry’s leading vendor credentialing solution by IntelliCentrics.

We help facilities maintain a and compliant workplace. The IntelliCentrics solution boasts the highest levels of compliance encompassing safety for vendors, patients, and facilities. With over 10,000 facilities nationwide already using IntelliCentrics , it has a proven track record that makes it the premier solution with one of the highest adoption bases for healthcare facility safety.

To find out more about or get more information on security in your healthcare facility, start the conversation with IntelliCentrics and find out why so many others have already chosen .

Adopting will enable your facility to:

Reduce Credentialing Cost

Ease Administrative Burden

Increase Patient Safety

Improve Quality Outcomes

Mitigate Risk/Liability of Non-Compliance


Contacting us will give you the opportunity to find out more about and give you access to an expert that will be able to answer any questions and provide you with more resources on adopting a new credentialing solution.

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