Hospitals have one of the most complex environments in the world . The experience creates an environment with the highest levels of compliance letting everyone in safely. Before , only the medical staff was burdened with the responsibility of the environment. Now, every individual entering a facility can contribute to preserving patient safety, from physicians, to patient visitors, vendors, volunteers and staff. Providing quality care for everyone is our common goal. IntelliCentrics has architected , an experience linking people, premises, and protocols together by creating the top referenced and requested compliance standards from over 75 accrediting agencies and regulatory bodies, along with your own policies, to safeguard your facilities. This eliminates the burden of monitoring and managing frequent regulatory changes. By prioritizing safety and security, the Global Gateway opens doors in health systems across all 50 states, 4 territories, and around the globe.

  • Access to this experience expedites both the facility’s and the physician’s time to see patients and earn revenue.
  • By sharing best practices, facilities gain the ability to benchmark, expanding their knowledge of safety initiatives and quality patient care to know if their safety initiatives are working and determine which steps fit their priorities to improve patient care.
  • Healthcare organizations can confidently purchase from thousands of compliant vendors, while HCIRs can sell to a greater breadth of facilities.
  • The facilities that are the most vigilant in compliance and security earn the prestigious IntelliCentrics Five Rings Awards.

Providers are now free to focus on their patients, while families are able to focus on their loved ones. Wouldn’t you want the best environment for your family? This environment is a critical factor in healthcare decisions. Patients can easily find your facility at Know Before You Go. it with IntelliCentrics.

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