Joining approximately 12 other states, Texas, Maryland, and Nevada now require medical personnel to wear photo IDs displaying their names and credentials in certain healthcare settings. Additionally, the Texas law states the badge, when applicable, must indicate the person’s status as student, intern, trainee, or resident.
The goal is to make it easier for patients to know who is providing care, what their qualifications are, and how they are identified (staff or contract).
Maryland’s law covers badging in ambulatory care and urgent care facilities as well as in medical offices. Nevada’s law even regulates when physicians may tell patients they are board certified and how health professionals must identify themselves in advertisements.
An American Medical News article states, “Efforts on the laws backed by medical societies in the three states were spurred by the American Medical Association’s Truth in Advertising campaign.” The campaign highlights the need for healthcare providers to clearly and honestly state their level of training, education, and licensing.

In the future, regulators could demand that this full disclosure be extended beyond medical staff and include anyone who has access to patient care areas. Facilities using our ReptraxTM vendor credentialing system are proactively addressing these concerns. And by being compliant with facility requirements, checking in, and wearing the Reptrax badge, vendor reps are prepared as well. The Reptrax photo ID already includes the rep’s name, the vendor company, and the approved access area within the facility.

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