The paper badge your vendors/visitors wear only cost about seven-cents each but their extended value is immeasurable.  The badge embodies more than just matching a photo with a face. See below for seventeen powerful reasons to enforce the badge and take advantage of all the benefits of the ReptraxTM healthcare vendor credentialing system.

Meet standards.  TJC Standard EC.02.01.01 states, “In order to maintain patient safety, accredited health care organizations need to be aware of who is entering the organization and their purpose at the organization.”
Seasonal Flu. Know at a glance who has had their flu shot and who should be wearing a mask.
Identification.  Quickly differentiate between visitors in scrubs and staff in scrubs.
Compliance.  Badges represent all facility requirements have been fulfilled and all policies acknowledged.
Confidence.  Feel comfortable with who is in your facility and have confidence in their qualifications, their background and who they represent.
Reporting.   With Reptrax, an accurate, historical report of all vendor/visitor check-ins and outs is available any time and also includes who and where they met and the topic of discussion.
Surveys.  All Reptrax members who check in will be listed on the visit report for survey references.
Infection Control.  If there is an outbreak of an illness that involves your facility, having all Reptrax members on the visit list makes it easy to check their immunity and get back in touch if necessary.
Maintenance review.  Always have available what service techs were in your facility, what day, and what was serviced.
Assurance.  Reptrax has dedicated staff to examine credentials, compare with standards and unveil fraud.
Security Breach.  Be alert to what is being removed from your facility by service techs.
Minimize Risk.  Stop unwanted interruptions by requiring scheduled meetings.
Product Choices.  Search Reptrax for companies to provide new products or to replace existing products.
Branding.  Display your facility logo on all vendor/visitor badges and be assured it was issued from one of your kiosks.
Notification.  Facility personnel can be notified immediately when a vendor/visitor is not compliant or attempts access without an approved meeting.
Access Control.  Access can be restricted (revoked) for those who do no business in facility or who are “undesirable” vendors.
Ease of Use. It’s easy for compliant vendors/visitors to sign in using a self-service kiosk, check in via the Reptrax mobile app or be manually signed in by facility staff.

It’s a paper badge today, but we’re not stopping there. We’re continuously looking for new and innovative ways to make your facility safer. For instance, consider implementing electronic check in through the Reptrax mobile app. Improve compliance levels by allowing vendor representatives to check in remotely and use an electronic badge for verification. Mobile check-out is also available. Utilizing both options will make it easier for members to check in and out, and you will know with greater accuracy who is on your premises—increasing safety and your peace of mind.

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