Having a high-quality medical staff credentialing system is of utmost importance to any hospital. The medical professionals you hire have to meet all your requirements in order to qualify for their positions. Under-qualified medical professionals are more prone to making mistakes, which can lead to adverse events including serious injury, hospital-acquired infections and, in the worst cases, preventable deaths.
During a natural disaster, you may have to find staff quickly which could make it difficult to verify credentials in a short time frame. To prepare for such a contingency, you should consider the option of a national credentialing service.The Need for Additional Staff During National Disasters
You’ve seen what can happen during a national disaster. Massive flooding, destructive tornadoes and more can wreck entire cities, not to mention disrupt the normal healthcare process.
Hospitals are prepared to handle a certain number of patients in need of immediate care on a daily basis. During a national disaster, that number skyrockets. More often than not, the hospital will suddenly be understaffed and unable to deal with the influx of new patients. Additionally, many patients will need immediate medical attention outside the hospital. Adding to the chaos is the fact that sickness and disease often follow natural disasters if the living conditions of the city have been drastically affected by the calamity.
Because most hospitals will suddenly find themselves in need of more medical professionals, they may be forced to hire additional personnel, even if it’s just on a temporary basis. They will also want to accept the services of physicians willing to volunteer. The process of finding a medical professional that meets every requirement is a difficult one to begin with and the credentialing process can take up to 120 days. You are not going to be able to find the professionals you would normally hire in the short amount of time you have to care for disaster victims, much less find the number of professionals you need to handle the overload of patients. This is one of the reasons why it’s time to for a national physician credentialing service.
National Physician Credentialing Service
A nationwide physician credentialing service would not be dependent on individual hospitals. A physician could easily move from hospital to hospital. During times of crisis, doctors could volunteer their time or work temporarily for a hospital in a disaster area. The hospital could quickly confirm that a physician’s credentials are current and in compliance.
IntelliCentrics is introducing SEC3URE, the first fully comprehensive credentialing and privileging platform. SEC3URE

Provides a flexible solution for you to credential and privilege not only medical and non-medical staff members, but all other types of visitors that enter the hospital including allied health professionals, volunteers, vendors and patient guests
Automates many of the manual credentialing and verification processes, saving money and shortening the credentialing process
Allows you to cost-effectively oversee, credential and privilege all visitors, making your hospital safer and more secure

The use of a national credentialing and privileging service like SEC3URE will help ensure that your facility is able to obtain the medical help you need in order to treat the victims of a natural disaster.  

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