What is one of the top issues facing HealthCare Human Resources?

The Joint Commission has implemented standards to address this,
Numerous professional organizations have studied it,
Most healthcare entities are aware of it, even if it has not occurred at their facility, and
Now, candidates are making decisions based on the perception of it.

A Safe WorkplaceWhether it is the Joint Commission implementing standards to address behaviors that undermine a culture of safety (disruptive behavior) or statistics showing healthcare workers experience violent assault at a rate of 4 times the average (Bureau of Labor Statistics), healthcare workers are aware of safety issues and are seeking safe environments. Most healthcare workers go into the field to help people and know there are inherent risks; these same individuals have an expectation that the facility is taking the necessary steps to minimize these risks.
In the employment world, the top performers have choices and they are seeking opportunities that provide safe environments (and they know where the safe environments are and where they are not). Healthcare workers, especially nurses, discuss hospitals and healthcare systems. They hear about the experience of other healthcare workers through professional networking. They also learn about issues at hospitals in the news, but they gain most of their information about other healthcare workers’ experiences from those they work with.
Talk to any hospital staffer and most have worked at more than one facility (sometimes simultaneously). Those who have experienced less than optimal environments are willing to share those experiences with others. Whether it is working on a contract basis or working PRN (as needed), they talk about their experiences at other facilities and compare work environments.
Hospitals and healthcare systems need to take safety seriously, whether it is in screening employees, addressing disruptive behavior among staff and medical staff, providing training on de-escalation or developing processes to know who is in the facility at all times. The facility that best equips the healthcare worker with knowledge and takes the appropriate steps to ensure a safe environment will be the most successful at recruiting top staff.
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