In keeping with the tuberculosis [TB] recommendations for healthcare settings set forth by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], we now offer a Low Risk TB credential choice for Reptrax facilities.
Overall, while incidence of TB is declining in this country, the disease prevails in certain geographical areas. The CDC has established different TB risk classifications because healthcare facilities in different areas face different levels of risk. As a result, the recommended procedures to prevent the transmission of TB are determined by which risk classification the facility falls under. Facilities use the CDC’s TB Risk Assessment Worksheet to determine if they are a Low, Medium, or Potential Ongoing risk transmission classification.
In response to the requests from Reptrax facilities that are classified as Low Risk, we added a Low Risk credential choice in August 2012. This credential is available for facilities where patients with TB are not expected to be encountered. The new option allows low risk facilities to require only one TB test from vendors instead of a yearly test. By utilizing our new Low Risk TB option, facilities can save Reptrax members time, money and unnecessary medical testing.

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