In a special section on Strategic Security in its April 22-26, 2013 issue, Bloomberg Businessweek discussed what forward-thinking companies were doing to keep their businesses safe and successful. IntelliCentrics was featured in the article since we help organizations ensure that visitors and other types of non-employees meet the security requirements necessary to enter certain areas of their healthcare facilities.
These requirements can be anything from a criminal background check to proof of liability insurance. Vendor credentialing services by IntelliCentrics allow companies to credential visitors before they arrive, track why and who they’re visiting, and when they leave. In the article, IntelliCentrics CEO Mike Sheehan was quoted as saying, “This information is critical for companies to provide a safe and secure environment and maintain established policies, as well as to provide historical data for long-term planning.” Though IntelliCentrics is known primarily for providing vendor credentialing services to hospitals, this service is also well-suited for other highly regulated industries like oil and gas, transportation, and gaming.

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