Sanctions. Pre-screening. Background check. Verification. User attestation. Policy acknowledgments. Peer reviews…and the list goes on and on. Keeping up with all the aspects of regulatory compliance is expensive and time-consuming, yet you can’t afford to cut corners with compliance. It’s imperative that only accurately credentialed physicians and staff be allowed to work in your facility.

Sanction screenings make staying compliant even more challenging with dozens of lists to check including the HHS OIG List of Excluded Individual/Entities (LEIE), the GSA/EPLS database, the FDA Debarment list, and the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB). Facilities must also follow state and local mandates whichcan beespecially burdensome for healthcare organizations that operate in multiple states. Finally, screening must be conducted on an ongoing basis. It’s possible for someone who passed aninitialsanction screening to have a sanction imposed at a later time.

So what’s a conscientious healthcare organization to do? Former HHS Inspector General Richard Kusserow recommends that healthcare facilities consider outsourcing their entire sanction screening process: Are There Advantages For Outsourcing The Entire Sanction-Screening Program?

Talk to us. The IntelliCentrics managed services team of compliance experts handles all your credential verification and monitoring including initial and ongoing sanction screening. We also collect data, provide training, and distribute and enforce your facility policies. Let us focus on the time-consuming compliance process, while you and your team do what you do best—provide quality patient care. We all play a role.

5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Outsource Medical Staff Credentialing

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