Safety is a priority for hospitals. Whether it’s developing protocols to prevent the spread of infectious diseases or following clinical best practices, hospitals like yours across the country are committed to creating a safe environment for both their employees and patients. But we know, you can’t do it alone.
Healthcare facilities typically rely on the products and services of thousands of sales representatives, service technicians and post-acute care providers who have the potential for exposure to patients. Without their full cooperation in complying with hospital policies and credentialing requirements, hospitals who are striving to create a culture of vigilance have a much more difficult task. The IntelliCentrics 5 Rings Vendor Award Program annually recognizes the top five outstanding vendor representatives (out of our database of nearly 500,000) whose performance best combines the pursuit of excellence and vigilance.
As the provider of ReptraxTM, the largest visitor and vendor credentialing system in the country, we are uniquely able to identify the individuals who, through their behavior and actions on-site, made the most significant contributions to their customers’ operations. In determining who the absolute tops in the nation are, we first answered the question:
“What are the critical success factors that are key indicators of a vendor representative’s likelihood of delivering the highest standard of patient safety and security while still achieving the requisite levels of regulatory and customer compliance?”
We identified nearly a dozen different behaviors, including

Consistently logging into the customer’s facility upon arrival,
Keeping occupational training credentials current, and
Demonstrating a high level of professional competence on products, services, industry topics and trends throughout the year.

When these criteria were applied across the entire universe of registered Reptrax users, our winners were recognized as being in the top 0.001% — no small feat at all! On average, they made 600 facility visits last year while maintaining an average REPscore of 97.7%. Their demonstrated commitment to patient safety, security and compliance has made a profoundly positive impact on their customers’ operations and the level of care they have been able to provide their local community.
We noticed the difference they’ve made, and we created the IntelliCentrics 5 Rings Vendor Award Program to honor them. These winners are truly the best of the best.
Congratulations to:

Linda Suriano, RN – Coram Specialty Infusion Services
Michael Hannah – Medtronic, Inc.
Tony Smith – Surgical Innovations
Scott Helfrich – Globus Medical, Inc.
Greg Novack – Aesculap, Inc.

As role models for the entire industry, these winners are being featured in a national press release and industry magazines as well as being recognized in their local market via the local business press. Since the goal of the IntelliCentrics 5 Rings Award has always been to recognize, learn from and celebrate top performers, these individuals were also invited to attend the Reptrax Top 5 Invitational, held March 6-9, 2014. There they had the opportunity to share their hands-on experiences with the Reptrax™ system and suggest improvements that will allow us to provide more value to all our members in the future.

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