Big jobs take big commitments! Not only did our dedicated credentialing staff process over 90,000 flu vaccination documents last season, but they completed the task without missing a single committed deadline. Using Flu Queue, our internal flu credentialing tool, the IntelliCentrics team was able to process a 19% increase in document volume over the previous season without a hitch.The first of this season’s flu vaccines are already in route to pharmacies and doctors’ offices across the country and we are, once again, gearing up to process what is expected to be an even greater number of documents this season. The HHS Healthy People 2020 initiative and The Joint Commission require facilities to reach a 70% seasonal flu vaccination rate for healthcare personnel this upcoming flu season. Accredited hospitals will be facing the first of their scheduled deadlines in March. Since facilities risk losing a portion of their reimbursement funding if the goal is not met, we want to be sure all of our facilities make the grade!
Hospitals that use our ReptraxTM vendor credentialing system can proactively prepare for increased flu requirements. The Reptrax Seasonal Flu Snapshot provides vaccination statistics and monitors the flu vaccination rates of all types of non-employees that check in to the facility including, but not limited to, contracted personnel, healthcare industry representatives, volunteers and students.
This season, total flu vaccine distribution numbers are expected to hit 153-158 million. The U.S. Census Bureau shows the U.S. population at just over 318 million which means approximately half of the entire population is expected to get a flu vaccination this year. Remember, the CDC states the single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year.Receive the IntelliCentrics Blog in your inbox every time we publish a new blog post.  Click here to subscribe to our blog today!

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