The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has made increasing the percentage of healthcare personnel who receive a flu vaccination a priority. Healthcare personnel are often in contact with patients infected with the flu virus as well as patients at risk of complications from the virus.
The healthcare facilities that use the ReptraxTM vendor credentialing system as well as Reptrax’s 400,000 members are ahead of national averages when it comes to reaching the targeted flu vaccination rates.
The HHS Healthy People 2020 initiative as well as The Joint Commission’s Standard IC.02.04.01 require healthcare facilities to reach a 70% seasonal flu vaccination rate for healthcare personnel by 2015. By 2020, the goal moves to 90%. At the same time, the definition of healthcare personnel has grown to include even more non-employees than ever before, going beyond clinical professionals to include unpaid persons who have the potential for exposure to patients, surfaces, equipment and even air in healthcare settings.

While most healthcare facilities are accounting for staff flu vaccinations, facilities that use the ReptraxTMvendor credentialing system are able to show the vaccination status of their vendor representatives at all times during the flu season. During the 2012-2013 flu season, 87% of our active facilities had a higher rate of flu vaccinations for Reptrax members than the national average for healthcare personnel (62.9%.) Even more impressive, 1,567 facilities reached the 2015 HHS/TJC goal of 70% while 573 reached the 2020 HHS/TJC goal of 90% or higher.
Reptrax members, who are a large population of those entering facilities, did their part to protect patients, staff and visitors during the last flu season. A total of 72% of all Premium members provided documented evidence of a flu vaccination.

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