The truth: It is important for patient safety that hospitals and other healthcare facilities follow a stringent credentialing and privileging process for medical staff.
The challenge: Most hospitals are still using outdated credentialing processing methods that are expensive, generate a lot of paperwork and are not as secure as they could be.
The solution: Healthcare organizations should outsource the credentialing process to a Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) that uses a specialized, cloud-based credentialing processing system.
Paperless Credentialing
Paperless credentialing, also known as cloud-based credentialing, allows for documents and reports to be managed and accessed electronically. Verification documents supplied to the CVO are scanned and stored into a database as image files. Unlike with paper, this process reduces the risk of the original documentation being lost or damaged and will not result in image quality degradation. Once the report on the medical professional’s credentials is complete, it is made available online through a secure access point for approved hospital administrators to view.
An obvious and huge advantage to paperless credentialing is that documents and other information are shared electronically rather than through the dissemination of paperwork. Think of all the rooms of filing cabinets that can now be put to better use, the desktops that will be less cluttered and the number of documents less likely to be misplaced. Plus, with electronic data, you are ensured that everyone authorized to access the information is looking at the latest version. Other advantages of paperless credentialing include a speedier, more efficient and more accurate credentialing process.
Greater Security Precautions
Hospital administrators may believe that information stored on-site is safer, but this is not necessarily the case. A CVO will offer extra security measures to protect the information::

Daily backup of the database
Backup data stored in a separate off-site server in the event of fire or other property damage
Regularly scheduled server maintenance and IT protocols including firewalls and virus protection
Online access to confidential information and reports strictly limited to approved persons
Unique username and password for each user
Scanned images locked and protected to avoid altering or tampering

The use of cloud-based technology paired with vigorous security protocols ensures that sensitive credentialing information is secure, and healthcare organizations no longer have to worry about tracking and protecting paperwork. They can instead concentrate on assessing potential staff, so they make the right hiring decisions to ensure the best patient care.
To learn more about outsourcing medical staff credentialing, download our whitepaper, “5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Outsource Medical Staff credentialing.” And if you decide NOW is the time for your facility to outsource, contact us about IntelliCentrics SEC3URE, a revolutionary new way to credential and privilege your medical staff. At IntelliCentrics, we use enterprise-level security protocols to secure your data. Your information is safe with us.

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