Because their mission is to save lives and make people well, hospitals are more than just another business. Yet, however noble their endeavor, hospitals still need to continually find ways to increase revenue and cut costs just like any other business. Hospitals can take a big step toward reaching these goals by outsourcing their medical staff credentialing.
Shorter Time to Revenue
A traditional, manual verification process is inherently inefficient and has greater room for user error. Since most in-house credentialing processes are paper-based, time is lost to the labor-intensive process of creating and tracking documents. Plus, staff must continually check to make sure they are working with the latest version of any document.
Using traditional methods, it typically takes 60-120 days to credential a physician, and the time lost to credentialing is time the provider is not generating revenue for the healthcare facility. A dedicated Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) focuses solely on credentialing and is able to streamline the process, increasing hospital revenue in a much shorter period of time.
Better Results
To avoid the lost revenue, more and more healthcare facilities are applying abbreviated credentialing processes to allow physicians almost immediate revenue generation. However, taking shortcuts and skipping credentialing steps can cause undue risks as physicians who are not fully vetted are allowed to practice medicine. Using customized, online tools, a CVO can speed up the time from hiring to the operating room without taking potentially dangerous shortcuts.
Stable Income
It’s not enough to have your medical staff treating patients, your facility needs to be properly reimbursed. Revenue-generating tasks can be prioritized and attended to more easily if the credentialing function is outsourced. Efficient credentialing is a critical part of sustaining a stable income cycle. According to a conference paper published by the American Health Information Management Association, “If the credentialing process is not completed correctly, proper reimbursement for services performed is not received and denials are affected.”
Medical Staff Benefits
Speeding up the time to revenue also benefits medical staff. The faster they are credentialed and privileged, the quicker they can treat patients and increase their personal revenue. They will appreciate working for an organization that sees them as respected professionals whose time is valuable.
Safe Environment
Though the focus on this article is on shorter time to revenue, we never want to forget the hospital’s overall mission of creating a safe and secure environment for patients. Flawed and outdated credentialing practices have allowed unqualified physicians into hospitals and operating rooms, putting patients and hospitals at serious risk.
And we can help. IntelliCentrics SEC3URETM, our cloud-based credentialing SaaS solution, automatically checks for errors and conducts real-time background checks against external and internal watch lists. Credentials are verified utilizing best-of-the-best practices, exceeding TJC, HFAP, DNV, CMS, URAC or AAAHC standards alone. Our focus on verification allows the hospital staff to spend their time on assessment, problem solving, and processing files through the medical staff and board, ensuring that only well-qualified medical staff are treating patients.
To learn more about how outsourcing medical staff credentialing can help your hospital cut costs, improve efficiencies and increase patient safety, download our whitepaper, “5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Outsource Medical Staff Credentialing.”

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