Hiring physicians and medical staff who are not only competent but are properly credentialed is mandatory in order to ensure quality health care. Verifying the healthcare provider’s education, training, experience and reputation is complex and time consuming for hospitals and long-term care facilities.
More hospitals are choosing to outsource medical staff credentialing so they can focus on their main priority of delivering a high standard of health services. Credentialing verification organizations (CVOs) specialize in high-tech medical credentialing. They have staff and specialized software focused solely on credentialing, enabling them to vet the most suitable practitioners with fewer human errors.
Accuracy of Automation
For hospitals still working with outdated manual processing methods switching to an automated process for credentialing provides several benefits. A Texas hospital study found that hospitals that had automated their clinical information systems saw a reduction in deaths, complications and cost.
State-of-the-art, cloud-based credentialing SaaS solutions automatically check for errors and conduct real-time background checks against external and internal watch lists. Cloud-based solutions offered by a CVO do not require rest or make unnecessary mistakes as humans would; therefore, they offer a consistent stream of reliable data. Automation also improves credentialing efficiencies by easily handling a large volume of information, increasing turnaround time and identifying problematic cases more quickly.
A Non-Biased and Fair Approach
This non-biased/universal approach improves patient safety and security, since all physicians are thoroughly vetted through a proven and accredited process. This ensures that only credentialed, qualified medical staff will treat patients.
A reputable CVO provides impartial verification, assessment and monitoring of credentials based on established criteria and parameters. This outsourced objectivity is an advantage for hospitals who may be unknowingly biased towards a particular doctor or other medical staff personnel based on their reputation in the industry. The credential verification process is thoroughly documented and supported by information provided from external sources. Using the services of a CVO also reassures physicians and medical personnel that they are being treated fairly and without prejudice by the hospital they are seeking employment with.
Patient Safety Comes First
Hospitals who place an emphasis on outsourcing the credentialing process are demonstrating their commitment to improving patient safety and care. By ensuring that they are only employing physicians and other medical personnel who have been exhaustively screened, their patients can have the confidence that they are in good hands.
With government and accreditation organizations regularly updating credentialing requirements, it can be time consuming for hospitals to stay current with the regulatory changes. A CVO employs staff mandated to remain informed on changes in credentialing standards. Hospitals that rely on the services of a CVO can rest assured that they will remain in compliance with federal and state regulations for medical staff credentialing.
Outsourcing the medical credentialing process to a reputable CVO reduces the need for human involvement, minimizes mistakes and provides a higher level of transparency for all involved. We can help! Ask us about IntelliCentrics SEC3URETM, a revolutionary new way to credential and privilege your medical staff. To learn more about the reasons why now is the time to outsource medical staff credentialing, download our whitepaper, “5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Outsource Medical Staff Credentialing.”

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