Implementing comprehensive radiation safety programs cannot be limited to radiation safety officers and safety directors. Though they will always play the primary role, they need the support of everyone in the facility. Fortunately, more groups are realizing the importance of creating a culture of safety that incorporates radiation protocols to ensure radiation exposure remains ALARA. The following article published in the AORN Journal shows that nurses are spreading the safety message as well:

Radiation Safety

Radiation safety programs need to include visiting occupational workers such as vendor representatives, contracted professionals, and others. Through IntelliCentrics managed services, you can make sure these professionals are monitored and trained for radiation safety protecting their health and helping your facility avoid fines, citations, and litigation. Our proprietary reporting capabilities will allow your facility to remain compliant with Federal and state inspection authorities. The IntelliCentrics community brings together all the resources you need to incorporate your occupational visitors into your radiation safety program.


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