This IntelliCentrics Privacy Policy was updated March 22, 2016

Quality patient care is dependent upon a safe and  environment. In an effort to create and maintain such a safe and  environment, we need to collect and share information relating to Users of the service. This Privacy Policy outlines the intended uses and restrictions of User information.



is a subscription service platform and integrated suite of technology and services operated by IntelliCentrics, Inc. (hereinafter and collectively, “IntelliCentrics”), that allows an entity or facility (each, a “Client” and collectively, the “Clients”), to interact, collect and share information with individuals who are not Clients (individually, a “User” and collectively, the “Users”). Within the  service, Clients can access User data and information and monitor activities that occur at a Client’s premises. The  service includes, but is not limited to, the  website at, any application or program that interacts with third-party websites, and mobile applications, equipment, or devices used to interact with the  website (collectively, the “ Platform”). Clients and Users shall utilize their own unique usernames and passwords to access the  Platform, and each Client or User will be granted access to the Platform and information maintained within the  Platform in accordance with each such Client’s or User’s permissions and credentials as established by IntelliCentrics’ Terms of Use. IntelliCentrics values online privacy and strives to maintain appropriate privacy and security of Clients’ and Users’ information. If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact IntelliCentrics by email.


Through use and operation of the  Platform, IntelliCentrics collects and shares User information with Clients who have a relationship with such User (collectively, a User’s relationship with one or more Clients shall be referred to herein as a “User’s Client List”). This information includes items submitted by Clients and Users, such as name, email address, and employer identity, all of which are used to authenticate the identity of Clients and Users and to send notifications to Clients and Users relating to IntelliCentrics’ services. IntelliCentrics, through the  Platform, also collects other profile data of Clients and Users, including, without limitation, job titles, professional qualifications, vaccination records, and Client and User comments. Use of this information allows interactive communications between Clients and Users.

IntelliCentrics also logs non-personally-identifiable information through the  Platform, including, without limitation, IP address, profile information, aggregate user data, and browser type, from Clients, Users, and other visitors to the Platform. This data allows IntelliCentrics to effectively manage the Platform, track usage, and improve Platform services and capabilities. Such non-personally-identifiable information may be shared by IntelliCentrics with third-parties to provide more relevant services and advertisements to Clients and Users.  Platform visitor IP addresses, whether for Clients, Users, or others, are recorded for security and monitoring purposes.

The information collected by IntelliCentrics does not qualify as “protected health information,” as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended from time to time (“HIPAA”), since such information is: (i) willingly disclosed by Clients and Users to IntelliCentrics, either directly by a Client or User, or indirectly by another individual who has been granted valid authorization by a Client or User to disclose such information; (ii) not used or disclosed by IntelliCentrics for purposes of healthcare treatment by a healthcare provider or health plan, thus not qualifying as a use or disclosure by a “covered entity” under HIPAA; and (iii) not used by IntelliCentrics for or on behalf of a covered entity for purposes of a User’s healthcare or treatment services, thus not qualifying as a use or disclosure by a “business associate” under HIPAA. However, IntelliCentrics takes extra precautions with respect to the Client and User information it collects and has implemented this Privacy Policy and related security safeguards to protect such information from inappropriate access or use.

In addition to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for the  Platform, a Client may also collect and use information provided by Users, and such information may be subject to the terms and conditions or certain other policies and rules that are established and amended, from time to time, by a Client. IntelliCentrics encourages all Users to contact a Client directly to obtain information regarding such Client’s policies governing the collection and use of User information.

Protection of Personal Information

IntelliCentrics takes the security of personal information of a Client and User very seriously. IntelliCentrics utilizes international industry standards for the encryption and security of Client and User information. The availability of information is controlled by and subject to each Client’s and User’s role, permissions and associations within the  Platform. User account information is shared only with authorized IntelliCentrics’ administrators, a User’s Proxy (as defined in the Terms of Use), and those Clients included in a User’s Client List. A User’s account information cannot be viewed by any Client that is not included in User’s Client List.


The  Platform uses cookies to store the preferences and record the session information of visitors to the Platform, to ensure that visitors are not repeatedly offered the same advertisements, and to customize newsletter, advertising, and web page content offerings based on browser type and User profile information. IntelliCentrics does not link the information stored in cookies to any personally-identifiable information submitted by Users to the  Platform. Clients and Users may also be able to configure their browser to accept or reject all or some cookies, or notify them when a cookie is set. However, Clients and Users must enable cookies from the  Platform in order to use most functions on the  Platform.

LINKS: The  Platform may contain links to other websites. IntelliCentrics is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices on such other websites, and Clients or Users will access the content of any other website(s) through such links at their own risk. When linking to another website, a  Platform user should read the privacy policies or practices as stated on that website. IntelliCentrics’ Privacy Policy only governs information collected on the  Platform. Please be aware that, whenever Clients or Users voluntarily post public information to their profiles or the profiles of other Clients or Users, that information can be accessed by other Clients and Users who contract for  Platform access.


Other than information that is restricted for editing or removal only by IntelliCentrics, Clients and Users may modify or update their personal information at any time by logging into their account with their unique username and password and accessing features to edit Client or User profile and account information.

EMAIL CHOICE; OPT-OUT: Clients or Users who no longer wish to receive updates or notifications may opt-out from such communications.

THIRD-PARTY ADVERTISING: Advertisements appearing on the  Platform may be delivered to Clients, Users, and other  Platform visitors by IntelliCentrics or any of its advertising partners. IntelliCentrics’ advertising partners may set cookies. These cookies allow the advertising partner’s server to recognize a User’s computer each time it sends an online advertisement. In this way, the server may compile information about where Clients, Users, or others who are using their computer, saw their advertisements, and determine which advertisements are clicked on. This information allows an advertising partner’s network to deliver targeted advertisements that they believe will be of most interest to you. That said, this Privacy Policy covers only the use of cookies by the  Platform and does not cover the use of cookies by any advertising partners of IntelliCentrics.


Client and User accounts and profiles are secured by unique usernames and passwords established by or assigned to Clients and Users. IntelliCentrics takes precautions to ensure that Client and User account information remains private. IntelliCentrics also uses commercially reasonable measures to protect Client and User information that is stored within its database. A User’s identifiable and credentialing information, as applicable, is shared only with authorized IntelliCentrics’ administrators, a User’s Proxy (as defined in the Terms of Use), and Clients that are included in the User’s Client List. While IntelliCentrics utilizes commercially reasonable security measures and protocols to secure and protect Client and User information, it cannot guarantee the security of any Client or User account information at all times. Unauthorized entry or use of the Platform, hardware or software failure, and other factors may compromise the security of Client or User information at any time. For additional information about the security measures that IntelliCentrics uses, please contact IntelliCentrics by email.


Except as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy or in the Terms of Use, IntelliCentrics will not disclose personally-identifiable information of a Client or User to any third party without the consent of such Client or User, unless such disclosure is permitted by applicable law or if IntelliCentrics believes that such disclosure is necessary: (1) to conform to legal requirements or to respond to a subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process received by IntelliCentrics, whether or not a response is required by applicable law; (2) to comply with or enforce IntelliCentrics’ Terms of Use for the  Platform or to otherwise protect IntelliCentrics’ rights, which may include communications with, or disclosures to, you or your employer to facilitate your continued compliance with the access rights applicable to Clients or Users; or (3) to protect the safety of Clients and Users of IntelliCentrics’ services, or members of the public whose safety may reasonably be deemed to be in jeopardy based on information posted to the  Platform. If disclosure of an individual’s personal information is not permitted by applicable law or if IntelliCentrics believes it is necessary to disclose an individual’s personal information for a purpose other than those listed in the preceding sentence, IntelliCentrics will notify such individual of IntelliCentrics’ intent to disclose the information when commercially reasonable. Notification will be made using the contact information provided by the individual to IntelliCentrics via the  Platform. Non-personally-identifiable information of a Client or a User collected or generated by IntelliCentrics through the  Platform may be shared by IntelliCentrics with third-parties without further notification to or consent from any Client or User.

IntelliCentrics reserves the right to transfer personal information to a successor in interest that acquires rights to that information as a result of the sale of IntelliCentrics or substantially all of its assets to such successor in interest. IntelliCentrics will notify individuals who provided personal information to IntelliCentrics of any acquisition. See the “Changes In Our Privacy Policy” section below for more information.


From time to time, IntelliCentrics may make changes to this Privacy Policy. If IntelliCentrics makes changes, it will post them on the  Platform to make Users aware of what the changes are so that Clients and Users will always be aware of what information IntelliCentrics collects, how IntelliCentrics uses and protects information, and the circumstances in which IntelliCentrics may disclose information. Clients and Users are bound by any changes to this Privacy Policy when the Client or User accesses or uses the  Platform for the first time after those changes have been posted by IntelliCentrics. If, however, IntelliCentrics plans to use a Client’s or User’s personally-identifiable information in a manner that is materially different from that which is stated at the time such information is collected, IntelliCentrics will post notice of such change on the  Platform for a period of no less than 15 days.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use, the policies or procedures used to operate and maintain the  Platform, or any dealings with the  Platform, please contact IntelliCentrics via email. All such communications are examined and replies issued where appropriate as soon as possible.