IntelliCentrics Appoints Healthcare Thought Leader As New Chief Marketing Officer Nimisha Savani to Lead Global Strategy and Geographic Expansion

IntelliCentrics Appoints Healthcare Thought Leader As New Chief Marketing Officer Nimisha Savani

Dallas, TX, May 15, 2018 ( IntelliCentrics, a healthcare technology platform that helps healthcare locations introduce trust into the delivery of care, announced today the appointment of Nimisha Savani as Chief Marketing Officer.

Savani joins the company from Academic Partnerships, where she was the strategic business unit leader for healthcare. At IntelliCentrics, she will be responsible for Global Strategy, Sales, and Marketing, with the goal of growing existing markets and relationships while extending the geographic footprint of the IntelliCentrics technology platform.

"Nimisha is a passionate advocate for how IntelliCentrics' technology can unite and deliver worldwide access to high quality healthcare," said IntelliCentrics CEO Mike Sheehan. "We were incredibly patient in our search to identify the right leader to join our company. When I met Nimisha, I knew our patience would finally be rewarded. Nimisha's career is as distinguished as it is diverse, making her uniquely qualified to lead IntelliCentrics to its full potential."

Savani brings more than three decades of experience in corporate and product marketing, patient advocacy, and customer relationship management to the business. After beginning her career at the Royal Bank of Canada, she held clinical marketing roles in the medical technology space, before assuming senior leadership positions at UT Southwestern Medical Center and Academic Partnerships. Savani earned her B.Sc. from the University of Toronto, and an MBA from Villanova University, where she graduated with honors.

"Our vision is that IntelliCentrics will always play an essential role in delivering a safe and secure healthcare experience," said Savani. "I'm thrilled at this opportunity to leverage my experiences-both personally and professionally-in support of that goal, and am excited to join such a dynamic and forward-looking leadership team."

About IntelliCentrics

About IntelliCentrics

The SEC3URE platform from IntelliCentrics creates a trusted, verified, and global community of users, continuously verifying the attributes of every participant. This verification includes documents, licensure, credentials, and other requirements, including changes to all related data and information. The SEC3URE platform is built on trust, deployed in the cloud, and can be accessed and managed via mobile devices, personal computers, or via any internet connected platform. SEC3URE has been initially adopted in the healthcare industry, over 10,000 physical healthcare locations across North America and the United Kingdom rely on the service, and our community of healthcare users is 700,000 strong—and growing every day. To learn more about IntelliCentrics, please phone (817) SEC3URE or visit

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