With the first cases of Ebola documented in the U.S., your facility is facing a whole new world of challenges. Helping you create a safer and more secure environment for your patients and staff is our top priority. Therefore, we wanted to share a few ways you can use the ReptraxTM system to help effectively and efficiently manage your visitors, policies and credentials in light of the Ebola situation.

Require all commercial vendors to sign in and out at every visit.  This step creates an ongoing record of those who enter, when they arrive, who they visit, areas they visit and when they depart. This information is essential in determining who needs to be contacted in the event of exposure to the virus. Signing in/out also assures that each vendor is complying with your credentials and policies.

Create new Ebola-specific policies. Our Policy Generator feature helps you quickly upload new policies for all commercial visitors. Facility access can be restricted until the commercial visitor has electronically acknowledged the new policies. Policy distribution is free to all Reptrax members – both Premium and Base.

Review your credential choices for each category of commercial visitor. It’s essential that everyone who crosses your threshold is aware of basic infection control and aseptic techniques.

Add, at no cost, any additional satellite facilities in your system that may also need to track commercial visitors and others who enter/exit daily.

Use our manual sign-in process to issue badges ONLY to those who have competed an in-person screening, if needed.

Implement the Patient Visitor Management component of the Reptrax system, so you can also monitor all patient guests who visit the facility.

In addition, the American Medical Association (AMA) has created the Ebola Resource Center for healthcare organizations and providers to specifically assist with your questions regarding Ebola. You can also monitor the Ebola situation on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.
As always, if you are in need of further assistance with the Reptrax system, please contact your concierge manager. Contact information is in the top right hand corner of your Reptrax account. If you would like to expand your monitoring capabilities to include everyone in your facility, ask about IntelliCentrics SEC3URETM. Our new subscription and privileging service enables you to engage with every single person who enters your facility, so you can apply your policies consistently and universally. Together, let’s safeguard your patients, your staff, and your community.

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