The environment your family receives health care in is just as important as the doctor you choose.

1 in every 25 patients are affected by preventable infections, resulting in a 9x longer hospital stay and significant cost increases for society. Healthcare facilities have the burden of reducing HAIs, and in order to decrease the number of infections, facilities must be able to control the environment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that every healthcare facility implement a detailed plan to educate and inform everyone who visits the healthcare system and report on their policies specific to the prevention and control of infections.

IntelliCentrics went far beyond this and represents standards from over 70 national and international accrediting organizations such as the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as each state’s requirements and, equally important, including each facility’s own policies.

At IntelliCentrics, our sole purpose is to protect the health and safety of everyone entering the facility. We work with healthcare facilities to create a safer and more SEC3URE environment for you. Find out if your healthcare facility uses IntelliCentrics to safeguard their operations and enforce their policies.

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Green pins green pinon the map mark IntelliCentrics SEC3URE facilities, and in the List they are identified by the SEC3URE logo.

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