The AHRMM 2013 conference proved to be a great venue for our IntelliCentrics team to talk to our customers from hospitals that use the ReptraxTM vendor credentialing system, as well as Reptrax members, representatives of group purchasing organizations, AHRMM board members, and other healthcare supply chain professionals.
It was interesting to hear the varying perspectives of these constituents based on their roles. These are just a few of the stories we heard:

Surprise Visit by The Joint Commission: According to a materials management professional at a large hospital, the facility received a surprise audit by The Joint Commission. The auditor actually walked into the OR and demanded to see everyone’s credentials including those of a vendor representative. Fortunately for the hospital and the vendor company, the representative’s Reptrax badge told the auditor everything she needed to know. She was able to quickly pull the rep’s profile, review his credentials and see that everything was in order. This hospital had never been more thrilled with the Reptrax system than at that moment!

New Reptrax Mobile App Remote Check-In: Healthcare systems expressed interest in the mobile check-in capabilities of our new mobile app. With a facility’s permission, Reptrax members within close proximity to a facility can check in via the mobile app and receive an electronic badge on their mobile device. Our customers were especially interested in utilizing this capability in their facilities with smaller footprints (e.g., clinics and physician offices) since it provides a convenient way to enable vendor credentialing without the need to devote the space for a kiosk or a person to handle check-ins.

Most Unusual Reptrax Kiosk Placement: A representative from a national healthcare supply company noted that while most facilities made it as easy as possible for vendor representatives to get their Reptrax badges, it was still a challenge in some hospitals. She shared an example of a hospital in a large city that placed its only Reptrax kiosk in the parking garage! While well-intentioned, this location was out of the way for any rep parking outside of the crowded, multi-level garage. It was tempting to the reps to bypass checking in and checking out, putting the hospital at risk for compliance issues.
Our recommended best practices include having multiple check-in/check-out locations and utilizing our kiosk activity reports to track the usage of each kiosk. In addition, Reptrax can be installed on any laptop, so a facility can have multiple badging locations without investing thousands of dollars in a kiosk. Opting for mobile check-in and/or check-out is another option. Facilities’ compliance scores will almost certainly improve as Reptrax members can bypass the badging station and use the most convenient entrances and exits at the facility.Receive the IntelliCentrics Blog in your inbox every time we publish a new blog post.  Click here to subscribe to our blog today!

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