Because criminal events have been among the top 10 types of sentinel events in healthcare settings since 2010, The Joint Commission [TJC] suggests facilities establish and follow procedures for conducting background checks of employees and staff.
To ensure safety of patients, staff and visitors, we are seeing that many facilities are now going the extra step and requiring non-staff to submit background checks as well.
In keeping with TJC suggestions and requests from many of our facilities, we now offer Reptrax Background Checks to our members. The background screenings are integrated with our system, making it easier for facilities to ensure their vendors and service representatives meet their security requirements. To summarize, it’s a customized background check that matches screening criteria with a vendor representative’s roles and responsibilities. There are four role-specific background checks – General Access, Pharmaceutical, Administration and Patient Care Areas – and each check is based on criteria that are relevant to that service. For example, an individual visiting the Administration area of a hospital would be checked for an embezzlement criminal history, while an individual visiting a Patient Care Area would not.

In addition, Reptrax Background Checks provide our members with a convenient and affordable way to get the background screening they need to meet their facilities’ security requirements. The result of the screening is automatically uploaded into a member’s account, streamlining the credentialing process.
To improve security and protect patients, facilities need to know who is crossing their threshold. This can be challenging, considering facilities have visitors around the clock. With Reptrax Background Checks, ensuring all non-staff entering your facility have been properly screened is now one less thing to worry about. Our screenings are Fair Credit Reporting Act [FCRA] compliant and are conducted by Backgrounds Online, a leader in providing pre-employment and criminal background checks.

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