Nobody gets better at sports by just warming the bench. The way to improve is by playing the game. This same concept applies to healthcare. Is your performance taking you to the finish line? Are you looking for better ways to lower costs or improve patient satisfaction? It’s time to set new goals and find your way back into the game.

The Power of Benchmarking
Benchmarks are performance standards you can use to compare yourself to the best in the industry.

  • Are your compliance rates up to par?
  • Are your patient safety initiatives working?
  • Are you using the most effective cost cutting strategies?

With benchmarking, you can discover what performance levels are possible and then follow industry best practices to reach them.

The Power of Best Practices
By following a best practice, you can save time and money. Following a proven method is much more efficient than “trial and error.” However, keep in mind that what works for one facility may not work exactly the same way for yours. Each situation is unique, and you many need to adjust a best practice to meet your needs. Continue to use your benchmarks to determine which initiatives are giving you the best results and which are not.

Join a Community
Work with a community of healthcare facilities to find the benchmarks and best practices appropriate for you. By joining the IntelliCentrics community, you gain access to almost 10,000 facilities focused on improving patient safety.

Beyond Goal Setting
The power of benchmarking doesn’t end with goal setting. Benchmarking calls attention to what you and your team are already doing right, helps justify funding for new projects, and provides reasons for continuing or discontinuing a service. Plus, benchmarking can set up some healthy competition among your staff. When the benchmarks are clear, everyone can strive to meet and beat them!

Lead the Way
The effort to set a new world record or win the race helps athletes stay focused on their goals. Use the same concept to keep driving your facility’s improvements. And before you know it, you’ll be the one leading the way. Now, get off the bench and play ball!


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