Mobile apps are changing the face of the healthcare industry. Hundreds are designed to help patients monitor their health. By 2017, an estimated 50% of smartphone users will have downloaded mobile health apps, and the total mobile health market revenue is expected to be $27 billion.
But apps aren’t just for patients. Healthcare facilities and systems can benefit from the proliferation as well. For instance, one app enables facilities to easily track the hand washing behavior of their staff, helping to ensure good hand hygiene.

Doctors in your facility now have access to apps to help them perform their jobs better. And they are taking advantage of them. Eighty percent of doctors use medical mobile apps with another 25 percent using them to provide patient care. As an example, one app makes it easy for physicians to update their patient’s electronic medical health records without violating HIPAA. Doctors take pictures of their patients’ conditions (i.e., rashes, infection sites) with their personal smartphones, and the app uploads the images directly to the health record. The image is never stored on the phone.
Reference apps make it easy for your physicians to carry large amounts of information with them on their smartphones or tablets. They no longer need to return to their offices to look up images or information in large, cumbersome tomes. Information from the correct dosages of drugs to diagnostic reference material is now right at their fingertips.
Many healthcare organizations are developing their own apps for their patients. The apps make it easy for patients to request appointments, view wait times for urgent care, find out if their doctor is running behind schedule, search physician directories and get directions to their local facility. Some even include symptom checkers.
With the ReptraxTM mobile app, vendor representatives and other professional visitors have an easier way stay compliant with your facility. All Reptrax members are able to manage their Reptrax account, including uploading credentials and accepting policies, from the convenience of their mobile devices. The app also provides automatic check-out. If you elect to participate, reps using the app will be automatically checked out when they leave your facility—improving your compliance rates. Mobile check-in is also available. Using both options will make it easier for members to check in and out, and you will know with greater accuracy who is on your premises.
Mobile apps are here to stay. Find the ones that will be the most help to your facility and encourage your staff, patients and other visitors to use them for their benefit and yours.

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