Managing a vendor compliance program is time-intensive and requires reviewing the qualifications of every vendor representative and occupational visitor who enters your facility. Maintaining vendor compliance can be a challenge, but a strong program is essential to keeping your staff and patients safe and .

Outsourcing vendor compliance to an experienced managed services partner gives you all the advantages of vendor compliance without the hassle. By working with IntelliCentrics, you gain:

  1. Expertise. Immediately tap into the in-depth knowledge and experience of the largest provider of vendor compliance managed services in the healthcare industry. Our team of experts works from a broad base of knowledge and expertise and will help you create vendor policies and requirements to ensure your facility is protected.
  2. Efficiency. There are only 24 hours in a day, and you need to use them effectively. Rather than spending your own time reviewing the status of each vendor, outsourcing it to our team frees up your day for other tasks.
  3. Cost Savings. Training your current staff or hiring full-time compliance professionals is expensive. But the right vendor compliance program saves you money—in fact, our vendor compliance program is installed at no cost to your facility or health system.
  4. Accuracy. Protecting your hospital, your staff, and your patients isn’t something to take lightly. Acquiring, storing, and managing vendor credentials including vaccinations, training documents, background checks, insurance, and your own custom credential documents requires a trained compliance team who is dedicated to the task. Our team makes sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.
  5. Supply chain management. Not only does outsourcing vendor compliance save you money through the verification process, but it also helps you manage your supply chain and purchasing. With our managed services program, an accurate report of all vendor check-ins and check-outs is available anytime and includes who the representatives met with and the topic of discussion. Plus, our business intelligence dashboard provides real-time vendor information at a glance. By restricting supplier access to hospital employees, you help curtail the purchase of non-contracted products and services.
  6. Best practices. On a daily basis, our staff pours through hundreds of electronic and print documents to discover credentialing and compliance trends. We are in constant communication with our almost 10,000 facilities, our vendor representative members, and regulatory bodies. Combining this learning with our daily research, we develop best practices for healthcare facilities. Healthcare standards for everything from OR protocol to National Patient Safety Goals will continue to evolve, and your credential and training requirements must stay current as well.
  7. Safety. We all play a role in creating a safe and healthcare experience and this includes the vendor reps who service your facility. By ensuring they are fully compliant with immunizations, training, and background checks, you are protecting everyone in your facility.

The IntelliCentrics managed services plan integrates data collection, credential verification and monitoring, training, and the distribution and enforcement of your policies. By augmenting your staff with IntelliCentrics experts, you gain all the advantages of a well-run vendor compliance program without the stress.


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