IntelliCentrics Acquires XrayTrax:
Now Offers Integrated Radiation Exposure Management
and Compliance Services

DALLAS, September 8, 2016 – IntelliCentrics has acquired XrayTrax, the leader in radiation monitoring for a large and important group of individuals whose occupation requires them to visit multiple healthcare locations thereby extending IntelliCentrics’ community.

“By leveraging the IntelliCentrics community, our customers have made tremendous progress in making their location of care a point of differentiation for their community,” explains Mike Sheehan, CEO for IntelliCentrics, “Our belief is that we all play an equally important role in creating a safe and healthcare experience and with the addition of XrayTrax, we bring an important solution to a previously underserved and very important segment of the market.” Through , it’s now possible to monitor the cumulative radiation exposure of individual visitors as they travel from location to location, closing a critical gap in safety.

Compliance with radiation regulations require monitoring and enforcement across a myriad of constituents, and now facilities will have a singular service to address their system-wide needs of safety and best practice enforcement. A recent study showed healthcare workers in environments with radiation exposure are almost three times more likely to have skin lesions, over six times more likely to develop cataracts, and three times more likely to get cancer than their counterparts in other areas of the hospital.*

Federal and state regulatory authorities are becoming more rigorous in their requirements for monitoring commercial visitors with exposure to radiation. Facilities are now being required to monitor and verify dosimeter linkage to these visitors. IntelliCentrics’ enables the healthcare facility to be compliant mitigating their risk of citations, fines, and litigation while also serving the individual by providing exposure information so they can optimize their health and wellbeing.  With , everyone who currently possesses a dosimeter will now have an easier method of reporting NAVLAP exposure data to their hospitals. Anyone without a dosimeter can contact IntelliCentrics. In further support of current University subscribers, comprehensive radiation safety training with immediate compliance credit is available at no additional charge. We all play a role in a safe and healthcare experience.

Source: ScienceDaily

About IntelliCentrics, Inc.
IntelliCentrics is driven by a single purpose which is to bring broad public awareness to the principle that we all play a role in obtaining quality patient care by creating a safe and healthcare experience. IntelliCentrics is a leading provider of managed services that help healthcare leaders execute and maintain compliance programs, including radiation exposure management, resulting in safer and more facilities. IntelliCentrics is part of a 20-year-old, multinational company operating in the technology sector and within the security services industry for healthcare.

Beth Mahler
Vice President of Marketing, IntelliCentrics

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