Want a hand in reminding your staff and commercial visitors to get their flu shots? Since its initiation, the ReptraxTM Seasonal Flu Report has helped catapult our Reptrax Community Flu Shot Average (the percentage of members with flu vaccinations who enter facilities) to a notable 73 percent this fall, and the number is still climbing. This level of flu vaccination participation can be largely attributed to the Seasonal Flu Report which allows your facility to automate reminder communications, track who is vaccinated and instantly know your facility’s percentage of compliance.
How Does the Report Work?
The Reptrax Seasonal Flu Report is based on the CDC’s National Quality Forum formula. This is the same formula used by facilities to report their flu vaccination status to CMS’s IPPS Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program and Outpatient Quality Reporting Program. In a nutshell, those individuals who cross your facility’s threshold at least once from October 1st through March 31st are tracked for flu vaccination status. The Reptrax Seasonal Flu Report covers contracted personnel as well as healthcare industry reps, volunteers, students and other non-employees who work in the facility within patient care areas. The report specifically notes who has been vaccinated as well as those who have been approved for a declination or exemption (religious or medical). 
But the report doesn’t just track vaccinations. Regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), TJC and the CDC agree that the best way to increase vaccination rates in healthcare personnel is via education and communication. The Seasonal Flu Report makes it easy to target and communicate with those who need additional supportive data. In addition, we send out weekly reminders to all those who have taken no action to let them know your facility’s policy.  As a result, the Seasonal Flu Report launched in September of 2012 and has been instrumental in the 24 percent increase in flu vaccinations for our members since its inception.  
What Brings it All Together?
As of today, 85 percent of our participating facilities have already reached the 2015 desired goals of 70 percent flu vaccination coverage for Reptrax members and are well on track to reach the 90 percent goal by 2020. Listed below are some of the report’s particulars that make it a successful tool:

You can utilize the Seasonal Flu Report to demonstrate vaccination awareness and accountability.
Data from the report can be shared with key stakeholders in your organization via an export tool. Each facility determines whether or not to accept a vaccination declination and can set declination requirements by category.
All medical and religious exemptions are individually approved by the facility.
All declinations and exemptions are expired on the last day of July each year to fulfill TJC’s annual evaluation requirement.
Your facility’s percentage will improve during the flu season as more and more individuals are vaccinated. 
The report captures your facility’s compliance percentage as of midnight, March 31st each year.
In addition to the automated reminders, your facility can send its own email communications easily and instantly.

IntelliCentrics is your partner in patient safety. Requiring flu shots of healthcare personnel (HCP) including commercial visitors is one of the easiest ways you can create a safer and more secure environment for your patients. We provide you with the tools you need to apply your flu vaccination policies consistently and universally across everyone in your facility. Contact us for more information on the Reptrax Seasonal Flu report and SEC3URETM, the first all-in-one credentialing and privileging system.

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