Recently my city of residence experienced a breach of safety when police officers were killed while in the act of providing safety and security for our community. What makes a safe community? A stronger police presence? A stronger penalty system for non-compliance?

I submit that the safest communities are those in which its members are vigilant and intolerant of individuals that break community laws. Neighborhoods with strong neighborhood watch programs historically have lower crime rates than those without. A community by definition isa social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests that is perceived and perceives itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society in which it exists.

Your local hospital is a micro community within the broader community. Have you ever noticed that you go through more security measures entering a sporting event than you do a hospital? Yet the hospital is the very place where your loved ones are cared for.

The hospital community is made up of medical staff and non-medical staff and its members must view themselves as the community’s neighborhood watch. When you see someone in a patient area or clinical area without proper identification or badge, stop and redirect them to the appropriate check in. We all comply with a checking in when boarding a plane, so why do we think a hospital is less deserving of similar safeguards?


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