Are you curious about your hospital’s track record? How do you know if your healthcare facility of choice is safe and ?

You are at your most vulnerable when you need acute medical care. The challenge is that consumers of healthcare rarely have enough information to make informed decisions.

Getting transparency can be a daunting task, which is compounded by the heightened emotions during times of serious illness. Asking friends and acquaintances is anecdotal at best, the internet is vast and it can be almost impossible to cut through the noise.

However, there are tools available that patients and their healthcare decision makers can use to inform themselves. Here are a select few:

  1. ProPublica:
  2. Consumer’s Checkbook:
  3. New York State’s surgeon database (since 1995):
  4. Consumer Reports:
  5. Federal Hospital Compare:
  6. IntelliCentrics “Know Before You Go”

At IntelliCentrics, it is our goal to help you navigate the opaque healthcare world. We know the first step to protect your own health is to play an active role. From immunizations to handwashing, everyone in a a facility is well informed andtirelessly safeguard the integrity of their patient care.

Contact us for more information on IntelliCentrics’ . Visit Know Before You Go to select an IntelliCentrics faciity for your first choice in location of healthcare by clicking on graphic.

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