Do you know the answers to the following questions? (Just for fun, take a minute and write down your answers.)

• Do all compliant reps have access? • Does access mean a rep is compliant? • Can a rep be revoked and compliant? • Is a rep compliant when they are in a TB or Insurance grace period?
First, let’s talk a little about healthcare compliance – from the Reptrax perspective. What is compliance? By definition it’s “a state of being in accordance with a specified body of rules.” Each of our facilities maintains a specific set of requirements (rules) that Reptrax members must fulfill to be compliant. The “rules” we offer are credentials and policies. A rep must have successfully fulfilled all required credentials and positively acknowledged all policies to be labeled as “compliant” for that facility.
So, you would think if a Reptrax member is compliant, they will have access, correct? Not necessarily. Just because a member is compliant does not guarantee access. A facility can revoke a member’s access which will restrict entry even if they are compliant. Or, a member can have all requirements in place and not have an approved meeting or have an outstanding business review to turn in to the facility. In addition, a member can be not compliant and still gain access if the facility wants to “override” his compliancy.
It’s also very important that we do not equate the credential management service we provide to access. Members who are being asked to provide requirements for facilities pay a fee to Reptrax to manage those requirements. We review them, store them, present them to their facilities as well as remind them when they are expiring. Our fee is for management, not access. Facilities have the final say in who has access to their premise. Paying the Reptrax membership fee does NOT guarantee access. However, a Reptrax membership does give a rep the opportunity to fulfill their client’s requirements which, in turn, helps their client fulfill theirs.
Now, let’s look back at the answers to the questions above:
• Do all compliant reps have access? No. There are other ways the facility can restrict their access such as a required meeting or revoked access. • Does access mean a rep is compliant? No. A facility can override a member’s compliance status and allow entry – by using, or even not using our service. • Can a rep be revoked and compliant? Yes. A rep can have all requirements satisfied for a facility and still be revoked at that facility. • Is a rep compliant when they are in a TB or Insurance grace period? No. The requirement is not satisfied so they are not compliant. They are granted access during this time via Reptrax due to the logistics of this credential’s paperwork requirements. The facility can still choose to deny them access.
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