Vendor credentialing has been a part of the healthcare landscape in the United States for almost a decade and has become an essential tool for facilities as they strive to create safer environments for patients and staff.
Now healthcare facilities in other parts of the world are beginning to see the need for vendor credentialing as they face the same challenges.

In her white paper, Vendor Credentialing: Overview, Issues and Prospects, Dr. Karen L. Ekstein, Ph.D. discusses the impetus of bringing vendor credentialing into the Canadian healthcare market. In addition to the need for greater control over the healthcare supply chain, she notes the following concerns:

Privacy and confidentiality concerns
Security concerns
Health concerns (and concern for spread of health risks)
Speed of information transmission
Accountability in the health care environment

Forces outside of healthcare are also driving the necessity of vendor credentialing. In Ontario, Canada, amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Bill 168) require employers with 5 or more employees to prepare policies with respect to workplace violence and workplace harassment, develop and maintain programs to implement their policies and provide information and instruction to workers on the contents of these policies and programs. (Source: Ontario Ministry of Labour).
The ReptraxTM vendor credentialing service was at the forefront of vendor credentialing in the U.S., and we will once again be leading the way as vendor credentialing goes worldwide. IntelliCentrics has begun full-service operations in both Canada and the United Kingdom. With our unrivaled installed base of nearly 6,000 healthcare facilities, we have empowered facilities across the U.S. to embrace more uniform credentialing standards. This extensive experience will help hospitals in the U.K. and Canada rapidly safeguard their facilities and achieve higher compliance.Adverse events cost an average hospital over $5.1 million per year!  Can your hospital afford not to have a credentialing program?  Click here to download our white paper to learn more about the cost of not credentialing.

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