Simple plans to help vendor reps reach their goals.
While lifestyle resolutions such as eating healthier and exercising more are great, don’t forget to also include career resolutions in your New Year’s plans.  After all, your career is directly related to your financial health, stress level, education and overall happiness. As you look back on 2014 and reflect on improvements, be sure to take a moment to plan ways to improve your professional life as well. We’ve got a few simple suggestions to help you reach your goals:

Get caught up on immunizations. If a healthier lifestyle is on your list, getting caught up on your immunizations will help get you there while also scoring you points with your facilities. Individuals who enter healthcare facilities are not only at a higher risk of contracting diseases, they are also a higher risk of spreading them. Most hospitals have infection control policies that require you to be immune to Chicken Pox, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Hepatitis B, Influenza, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis. They may also require an annual test for Tuberculosis. Most of these diseases are still highly active in the U.S. and making sure you’re immune will not only keep you up and running but also help your facilities stop diseases from spreading further.

Build new career skills. Take advantage of the new lower price on Reptrax UniversityTM training. For only $55 you will have access to 19 career-related courses such as AdvaMed and PhRMA Ethics Codes for Sales Professionals, Age-Specific Care, FDA Reporting for Safer Medical Products, Ethics and Corporate Compliance in Healthcare, Sunshine Act and The Basics of Informed Consent. With Reptrax University, not only can you meet your facility’s training requirements but also expand your knowledge.

Improve your image. First impressions count and, many times, your Reptrax online profile is your client’s first introduction to you and your products. Improve your image by updating your profile with correct and current information and make sure your photo is professional and up-to-date. How’s your REPscore? If it can stand improvement, be sure you are compliant with all requirements BEFORE you get to the facility and be sure to log in and out at every visit.  Positive scores will soon raise your number; however, don’t forget to also dispute any unjustified negative events.

Expand your network. You may be thinking it’s time to expand your network or network more effectively. Updating and adding facilities to your Reptrax account is the perfect way to expand your client base. Simply log into your Reptrax account and look under the Profile tab for Your Facilities. Remove those you no longer do business with or add ones you want to do business with.  Once they are on YOUR list, you will also be on THEIRS.

Be more positive! While credentials and kiosk sign-ins may not be your favorite cup of tea, your facilities have enlisted our services for their advantage. Knowing who is in their facility and the reason for their visit are basic and required standards for all accredited facilities. In addition, infection control and safety standards require documentation from all individuals who affect patient care, even those who are not hospital employees. The requirements you are asked to fulfill play a vital role in your facility’s accreditation and safety processes.

We want you to succeed! Our customer service team can review your profile and offer suggestions for improvement. Remember, IntelliCentrics is your partner in success, and we are here to help you exceed your highest 2015 expectations!

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