What is one of the most essential things you can do to stop the spread of infection? Hand washing. It seems obvious, but with low compliance rates, maybe the benefits are not as obvious as we’d like to think. The importance of hand hygiene is touted by the WHO, the CDC, and scientists around the world, but there are still large numbers of us who don’t wash our hands often enough or as thoroughly as we could. We all play a role in stopping the spread of infection, and the best place to start is with good hand washing habits. Impact three key roles in your facility with these four, hand-picked articles on hand hygiene.

Role 1: Patients

With over half of healthcare professionals not washing their hands often enough, patients need to speak up for their own health and insist their care providers practice good hand hygiene before providing treatment. Read full article: CDC unveils new campaign to improve hand-hygiene compliance

But speaking up isn’t enough in itself, patients need to wash their own hands too. Did you know “almost one in four adults who left the hospital had on their hands a superbug?” Read the results of a recent study: Patients should do their part in preventing infections

Role 2: Visitors

Hand sanitizer placement makes a BIG difference in how often patient visitors wash their hands. The other key factor for encouraging hand hygiene is group pressure. Read more:Visitors five times more likely to squirt on the hand sanitizer when it’s front and center

Role 3: Healthcare Workers

How are you washing your hands? The number of steps you take can make a critical difference when it comes to killing the most germs. But the most important thing of all? Actually doing it. Learn more:Hand Washing: Six Steps Are Better Than Three

The Advice

Education is key for every role in the hospital. Facilities need to train on best practices and hand-washing techniques specific for the “who, what, when, and where” of every role. Hand-washing diligence is a must for everyone in the facility. Did you wash your hands well today?

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