As a vendor or manufacturer in healthcare, do you realize you have a unique upper hand over other types of industries? Every year, a list is published of your clients’ most critical issues. The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) is a virtual laundry list of healthcare’s greatest pain points issued for a variety of healthcare settings.
Created by a panel of patient safety professionals, the NPSGs include best-practice solutions that provide even more clues to both vital product ideas and the niches that need to be filled to eliminate safety risks. The safety goals are so important to hospitals that many facilities require vendor reps to take training on the NPSGs.
The NPSGs contain four safety goals which have been on the list since its inception in 2003: improving accuracy of patient identification, improving communication among caregivers, improving the safety of using medications and reducing the risk of healthcare-acquired infections. NASDAQ alone lists almost six hundred healthcare companies, plus there are an unknown number of privately held firms, which create a veritable army of product managers, engineers, developers, researchers and designers who could make a difference by creating solutions that would save lives.
Using the list to determine new products has worked for us and could also work for your company. We examined the NPSGs, looking for ways we could enhance our ReptraxTM healthcare vendor credentialing system to make a difference. Last December, we proudly released Reptrax UniversityTM. While this low-cost solution for critical safety training for vendors will not eliminate NPSG.07.01.01 (learning and using CDC/WHO hand washing techniques), we hope it will provide one rung on the ladder to successfully prevent infection in healthcare environments with an economical, readily available solution.
The next time you are asked to take National Patient Safety Goals training by one of your clients, we suggest you embrace the request as a challenge. Analyze the list, pick it apart to see what new device or service you or your company could create, what enhancement to your product you could initiate or what service your company could introduce that would help remove one of the goals from the list. If healthcare companies joined together and devoted even a small amount of their resources to solving the issues, the collaborative effort could certainly help eliminate pain both for the facility and the patients they serve.

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