While many healthcare facilities are debating whether or not cloud-based security systems are secure enough for them, at least one facility for dementia patients has already made the switch. The Anthem Memory Care Facility in Littleton, Colorado has moved to a cloud-based access control system in order to improve patient safety.
In a recent Security Director News article, Dementia patients more secure with the cloud, Anthem Principal Isaac Scott spoke about the challenges of its old access control system. “Whenever access was breached because a resident learned the pass code and tried to leave the facility…caregivers had to run around changing the code on each keypad. Not only did that leave the patient community at risk, it kept staff from attending to the patient in crisis. Now, one phone call from an authorized member of the Anthem team is all it takes to change the access codes in 30 seconds….That gives patients’ families and the facility’s owners more peace of mind.”
Is it time for your facility to consider cloud-based security systems? In the September 2013 Security Sales and Integration article, Unlocking the Door to Cloud-Based Access Control, Christian Morin states that “the security mechanisms put in place by cloud providers to secure the platform from logical security threats such as hackers are also becoming better. In fact, cloud platforms are often more secure than the servers that some organizations have at their own facilities. Privacy issues and security risks may be of concern to some end users. But this is where choosing to offer a cloud-based solution with advanced security features comes into play. Encrypted communications, data protection capabilities, and strong user authentication and password protection are key features for any cloud-based system.”
Anthem Memory Care is convinced. In addition to the Littleton facility, they are planning on implementing the cloud-based access control system in three other existing facilities as well as six new facilities in 2014. The company plans to have 50 facilities across the country by 2022. “With this kind of growth and the critical nature of our mission, we have incorporated the hardware and software technologies that keep our residents safe and make sure they are well taken care of 24/7,” Scott said.
Even if your facility is not ready to “jump in the cloud” just yet, the benefits of a cloud-based security system may prove to be irresistible in the future. Your facility will be able to save time and money by eliminating the need to install complex server equipment on site. Plus, browser-based software is continuously updated by the vendor so you’re always benefitting from the latest upgrades. As cloud-based security becomes more widely accepted and proven in real-world applications, we can expect to see more facilities joining Anthem Memory Care on cloud nine.
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