Through its 5 Rings Award program, IntelliCentrics has identified five hospitals that are leading the way in creating a culture of vigilance. Ellis Hospital, located in Schenectady, NY, is one of the recognized hospitals and was selected from the more than 4,500 facilities that use IntelliCentrics’ Reptrax™ vendor credentialing service.
Ellis Hospital administration, realizing they didn’t have an administrative staff large enough to effectively manage the paperwork needed to track the thousands of vendors who came into their facility, installed Reptrax in 2009. But they didn’t stop there. It became apparent that they required more than a comprehensive compliance management system; they needed a team committed to managing that system without compromise.
Employees were educated about vendor credentialing and their role as the eyes and ears of the program. The hospital administration also got the surgeons involved. They explained that the program was not designed simply to save money or to create roadblocks for vendors. It was designed to improve the safety and security of the hospital. Once an understanding was reached, it became a smooth process for getting the cooperation of both surgeons and surgical reps.

The goal of the 5 Rings Award program is to establish best practices, and Ellis Hospital is setting the standard for others in the healthcare industry. Read the Ellis Hospital case study to learn more about the steps it took to create a true culture of vigilance.

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