First, the bad news. After 25 years, OSHA has raised its fines for minimum violations from $7,000 to $12,471 per incident. And the news gets worse. If you pass the abatement date, the fine goes up by $12,471 per day. And it keeps getting worse. Maximum fines have increased by 78 percent—jumping by more than $50,000 per violation—from $70,000 to $124,709.1

Though we can’t help you with every type of OSHA violation, being part of the IntelliCentrics community can help you avoid fines for one of the most common violations—failure to train. Training violations are part of almost every standard in the OSHA’s top 10 violations list and are common across industries. Healthcare is no exception. A New Jersey hospital was recently fined for not providing “training on protocols related to exposures to blood and other potentially infectious materials.” 2 And in 2012, failure to train under the bloodborne pathogen standard was the most common OSHA violation in healthcare.3

One reason failure to train citations are so common is because just one missed employee is considered a violation.4 And, for some reason, training can be easy to forget. Sometimes even when you’ve provided training, the employee doesn’t remember it when asked by an OSHA compliance officer. One of the easiest ways to avoid this inconvenient (and possibly expensive) forgetfulness is to provide regular refresher courses. Also, keep good records. If your facility gets inspected, training records are crucial.

Now, the good news. Fortunately, training is accessible and repeatable when you belong to the IntelliCentrics community. Our online training program for healthcare personnel covers crucial topics like bloodborne pathogen safety, radiation safety, HIPAA, and fire and electrical safety. These affordable and convenient courses help ensure you can avoid an OSHA failure to train citation and keep the $12,471 (or more!) in your facility’s bank account where it belongs.



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