The Center for Disease Control [CDC] and The Joint Commission [TJC] have recently stepped up their efforts to prevent the flu in healthcare facilities by putting new goals in place regarding vaccination rates of healthcare professionals. The CDC’s stated goal is for 75% of healthcare workers to receive a flu vaccination by 2015 and 90% by 2020.
While many healthcare facilities have already begun requiring their staff to get flu vaccinations in order to meet these new goals, most have no systems in place for all the other individuals whose duties take them to all corners of their facility. Contracted staff (paid and non-paid) has become a critical part of the healthcare provider ecosystem. Both CDC and TJC have indicated that contracted staff, such as students, trainees, volunteers and other non-employees, also represents a potential risk for transmission of the influenza virus.
Facilities face significant staffing and operational hurdles trying to track and measure vaccination status of all employees and contracted staff, but we are in a unique position to help. We are pleased to be able to provide all Reptrax facilities with a real-time metric that tracks and reports the flu vaccination rates of all contracted personnel. The Reptrax Flu Snapshot provides the visibility you need to not only achieve the desired CDC goals, but truly make your facility safer.

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