Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Checks

IntelliCentrics managed services has integrated criminal background check capabilities for individuals who are required to submit a criminal background check in order to remain compliant. We have partnered with Backgrounds Online, a leader in providing pre-employment and criminal background checks, to offer a more convenient way to satisfy this requirement. The Criminal Background Check (CBC) is focused on multi-jurisdictional criminal searches and supplemental database checks. It includes SSN Trace, County Criminal Court Search (up to three counties), Nationwide Criminal Database, Nationwide Sex Offender Database, Nationwide Wants & Warrants and Federal Criminal Court Search. Background Checks are customized to the screening criteria relevant to your role. Once you’ve been screened, your profile is automatically updated with a downloadable Certificate of Completion that covers ALL applicable facilities. The requirement of a CBC is determined by the healthcare facilities you visit, not all hospitals require a CBC, some may accept a letter of attestation.

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Benefits to Facilities

  • Helps reinforce patient and staff safety and gives professionals entering your facility a higher level of confidence in the security of the environment they are visiting
  • Provides consistent Criminal Background Check credential requirements for members
  • Ensures all members entering your facility have been accurately screened to FCRA standards

Benefits to Vendors

  • Fast background screening process keeps members compliant and working at full speed
  • Convenient process that automatically updates the individual’s account with their background check results after they have purchased and initiated the screening from within their account
  • Helps members adhere to all facilities’ background check credential requirements
  • The Criminal Background Check credential is satisfied without any private information sent to or facilities, ensuring the individual’s privacy

Benefits to Members

  • Each background check is customized to the Scope of Service listed in the member’s account, with criteria relevant to where they are going in your facility
  • Once a member completes the screening, a Certificate of Completion is automatically uploaded into their account satisfying the credential, given they meet the background check criteria for their Reptrax category
  • Provides a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant background check at a highly competitive market price
  • Background screening process may be completed within 3 to 5 business days (sometimes up to 30 days)

Additional IntelliCentrics Services Include:

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IntelliCentrics Drug & Titer Testing is the only program in the nation to provide testing for both drug screening and titers as part of a comprehensive vendor compliance platform.

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General & Professional Liability Insurance

IntelliCentrics understands how difficult it can be for reps to maintain compliancy with so many professional requirements.  In our industry, the risk of being drawn into a lawsuit is real. Bodily injury and property damage claims that you are held liable for can be an enormous financial drain, and that is why we partnered with MSA, to help simplify securing professional and general liability coverages that protect our you and your community.


IntelliCentrics and MinuteClinic™ have teamed up to offer quality immunizations and convenience for healthcare occupational visitors, vendors,friends and family.

The same high-quality immunization choices typically reserved for healthcare industry representatives are available for all IntelliCentrics community members, as well as their friends and family members – in time for flu season!


With your Unlimited   University Annual e-Pass, you have access to unlimited access to over 19 fully-accredited courses frequently required by healthcare facilities.

IntelliCentrics is the most trusted name in Vendor Credentialing.

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  • Your privacy protected
  • No Social Security numbers required
  • No driver’s license numbers required
  • Information never sold or shared with 3rd parties
  • Your information is
  • SSAE 16 audited database
  • SAS 70 Type II compliant database
  • Customer Support
  • Dedicated rep support team

Trained Staff

  • Expert phone support, 7:00 am to 5:30 pm CST, M-F – 817-SEC3URE (732-3873), Option 1
  • Online Help – Click Here
  • HIPAA compliant
  • On-staff Policies & Standards Manager
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