Sometimes zero is exactly the right number. High reliability organizations (HROs) in healthcare are looking to cause zero harm to patients. Is this goal achievable? In her article for Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare, Erin S. DuPree, MD, FACOG, profiles Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a member of the IntelliCentrics community, as they serve as an example of what hospitals can achieve by following high reliability principles. Over three years, “Cincinnati Children’s has reduced serious patient safety events by 80%, reduced lost time days by 83%, and continually driven down injury and illness rates.”

Zero Harm Is the Goal

We all play a role in creating a safe and healthcare experience. At IntelliCentrics, we are proud to be partnering with healthcare facilities to achieve the highest safety levels. Our managed services are dedicated to the complete compliance life cycle and provide facilities with resources and tools to make their facilities safer.

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