Q. Are there different ways to check out of a facility, and if so, what are they?
There are actually three ways a member can check out of a Reptrax facility:
One– The quickest and easiest way to check out is via our Reptrax Mobile App. Both Base and Premium members can simply choose the “Check Out” button for the facility as they are leaving. Ninety-six percent of Reptrax facilities allow mobile checkout, and the Reptrax Mobile App is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The App will even let you know if you have successfully checked out. 
Two– If texting is your thing, you can also check out of a facility via our text messaging service. Just make sure your cell number is listed under Profile in your Reptrax account. Enroll in the service by texting the word “Enroll” to 53856. Almost 100 percent of Reptrax facilities allow text-to-check-out of their facility. Simply text the word “out” to 53856 as you are departing and the service will sign you out and provide a text confirmation.
Three– Most Reptrax facilities have a kiosk where you can check out in person. Click on the “Check out” button, type in your email and password and the system will confirm you are checked out.
Q. What do I do after I register on the initial page of Reptrax?
You are welcome to create an account and add all Reptrax facilities in your territory to see if you can satisfy their requirements with a free, base membership. If your facilities’ policies dictate that you need to submit credentials to Reptrax, then you will need to purchase one of our membership packages to submit those documents. Your Reptrax account’s home page will indicate if there are any facilities requiring credentials. Once you upgrade your account, you can begin submitting your documentation to satisfy your outstanding credentials.
Q. What do I do when I change companies?
Changing companies doesn’t mean creating a new Reptrax account. In fact, since your clients get to know more about you through Reptrax, you will want them to see how long you have been a member as well as the previous business you have done with them. Your personal credentials, such as your photo and immunizations, will still be valid, so if you keep your account you will not have to resubmit them. To update your account with your new company’s information, go to “Account Details” under your Profile tab. On this page, you can update your email address, company name, manager’s information and phone number. Any documents that were directly associated with your former employer will be automatically removed to make way for your new company’s information. Be sure to update your facilities’ list to make sure you are up-to-date on any outstanding credentials or polices.
Q. Why does it say my login expired and what should I do?
Most web applications will log themselves out when idle. All you have to do is sign back into your Reptrax account. The sign in is located in the upper right hand corner of the Reptrax account login page.
Q. How do I upload a credential through the Reptrax Mobile App?
Submitting documents to satisfy a credential can easily be done via the Reptrax Mobile App:

Sign into the app and select the menu () in the top left corner.

Choose “Credentials.”

Scroll down to the credential you want to upload. A red dot next to the credential means it’s expired, a yellow dot means it will expire within 30 days.

Select the credential, and the App will take you to the Credential Description page. At the bottom of the screen, select “Upload Credential.”

A Consent of Use page will appear. You will need to select “agree” to continue.

On the next screen, “Camera” will allow you to take a photo of the document to submit. “Gallery” will direct you to your device’s camera to take a photo of the document.

Once you have captured the submission, select the upload button to process. (This may take a moment.)

Once the upload process is complete, the response will be, “Your credential has been uploaded successfully.” Remember, submissions are processed in four days unless you have purchased an expedite service.

Because you asked is a new blog series. Click here to read the first round of questions from our members. Ebony Lawrence and the rest of the customer service team have the answers to these questions and more. Contact us for support; we are here to help you.

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