Q. How do I make my customer service experience fast and productive?
We know our members are busy and their time is valuable, so our priority is to assist with each call quickly and accurately. The first step is to identify the caller. Having your Reptrax ID number at hand when you call is the fastest way for us to access your account. Please give us a brief description of why you are calling, and we will move into action to assist you as quickly as possible.

Q. I have an old medical record. Can you accept those? If so, what does it need in order to be accepted?
Many vaccinations such as MMR, Chicken Pox, and Hep B, are given as children, so medical records can be several years old. Here are some tips that will increase the likelihood of their acceptance:

Make sure your name is legible. If the document indicates a different name such as a nickname or maiden name, be sure to give us a call so we can verify the name change. We will need to complete this step before we can accept the document.
The information on the document must be medically verified with a legible physician’s signature including title. The document must also be on the physician’s letterhead or include a clinic stamp.

Vaccinations must be clearly labeled and include the date(s) of administration. Titer results must be indicated along with the range and, if the credential allows, a documented history of the disease must include the date.
School records are accepted if the document includes the name of school/district AND is signed by a medical professional.
We do not accept self or third-party attestations of disease or immunization.

Q. How do I dispute a negative event?
Most negative REPscore events occur when members either forget to sign out of a facility or just don’t have the time to go back to a kiosk before their next appointment. If you feel the need to dispute a negative event, it just takes a couple of minutes and may help you maintain a higher REPscore.
Once you’ve received notice of the negative event, log into your Reptrax account and select “Your REPscore” under the “Activity” tab. You will see a list of REPscore Events with the most recent at the top of the list. Under the right-hand column labeled “Details,” select “Event Details/Dispute.” Explain the circumstances and why you are disputing the event. Your request will be sent to the specific facility for review, and you will be notified of the outcome within seven days. Remember, Reptrax is neutral and will not remove a negative event or intervene unless there is a website error. All disputes must be submitted within 30 days of the event, and all events reset every 365 days.

Q. Why doesn’t Reptrax provide permanent badges?
We used a permanent badge years ago but found it did not support the dynamic state of being compliant. Some credentials (i.e., TB and insurance) expire, credential standards change and must be updated, and facilities occasionally add or remove their individual credential requirements due to a change in policy or disease outbreak. As a result of these variations, an up-to-date, just-printed badge is the best way to let the facility know you are compliant with all current requirements. Remember, you may be able to forego the badge if the facility allows electronic check-in via the Reptrax mobile app.

Q. How do I add or remove a facility to my Reptrax account?
You can add or remove any facility at any time in your Reptrax account. In fact, keeping only the facilities you visit or plan to visit in your account will help streamline the credentials and policies you are required to submit. Under the “Profile” tab in your account, choose the dropdown labeled “Your Facilities.” At the bottom of the page, you have the option to “Delete Checked Facilities” if you want to remove an existing facility or “Add New Facilities” if you would like to add those you will be visiting soon. Once a new facility is added, your facility list conveniently shows if it is a Reptrax facility as well as if you are currently compliant (green) or have outstanding requirements to fulfill (red). Be sure to add a facility before your visit to make sure you have all required credentials and have acknowledged all policies.

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