Time-saving benefits that help our members stay healthy, prepared … and compliant

IntelliCentrics offers a variety of services that ensure members are not only trained and compliant with every facility’s policies, but healthy enough to be working in the first place.

Enhance Your Membership

Radiation Exposure Package

Radiation Exposure Package

Our optional quarterly dosimeter-monitoring program includes 1 wear and 1 control dosimeter, exchanged every 3 months via a pre-paid postage exchange. When combined with the free Radiation Safety training available to every SEC3URE Ethos member (see below), compliance with radiation safety policies is seamless. Exposure profiles are updated automatically—without the need to upload a NVLAP report.

Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Check

Our optional criminal background checks are customized to the screening criteria relevant to every member’s role, and determined by each healthcare facility. After screening, member profiles are automatically updated with a downloadable Certificate of Completion, which covers EVERY applicable facility. Not all hospitals require a CBC (some may accept a letter of attestation). CBCs can only be performed on citizens of the United States, and focus on multi-jurisdictional criminal searches and supplemental database checks, including:

  • SSN Trace
  • County Criminal Court Search (up to three counties)
  • Nationwide Criminal Database
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Database
  • Nationwide Wants & Warrants
  • Federal Criminal Court Search
General and Professional Liability Insurance

General and Professional Liability Insurance

In the healthcare industry, the risk of being drawn into a lawsuit is real—bodily injury and property damage claims can be an enormous financial drain. IntelliCentrics partners with MSA to offer professional and general liability coverage that protects our members.

Health & Wellness Services

Drug & Titer Testing

Drug and Titer Testing

Ours is the only credentialing program in the nation to provide testing for both drug screening and titers as part of a comprehensive medical practitioner and vendor compliance platform.

Immunizations from MinuteClinic™

Immunizations and Vaccinations

We’ve teamed up with MinuteClinic™ to offer convenient, quality immunizations for all SEC3URE Ethos members—including their friends and family.

Immunizations and titers are all optional, and include:

Immunizations from MinuteClinic™
  • Quadrivalent Seasonal Flu Vaccination
  • Senior Dose Seasonal Flu Vaccination
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • MMR Vaccination
  • Tdap Vaccination
  • Td Booster Vaccination
Drug & Titer Tests
  • Ten Panel Drug Screens
  • Hepatitis B Antibody Titer
  • Tuberculosis Titer – QuantiFERON
  • MMR Titer
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) Titer

SEC3URE University

SEC3URE University
SEC3URE University

Every SEC3URE Ethos member receives unlimited access to SEC3URE University, including 20 fully-accredited courses frequently required by healthcare facilities. Once a course is completed, training certificates are automatically uploaded to a member’s credential file.

SEC3URE University Online Learning Courses
  1. Aseptic Technique and Infection Control for the Sales Professional
  2. Bloodborne Pathogens Safety
  3. Chemical Hazards in the Healthcare Environment
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Electrical Safety
  6. Ethics and Corporate Compliance in Healthcare
  7. FDA Reporting for Safer Medical Products
  8. Fire Safety
  9. HIPAA HITECH: Final Rule Compliance for Business Associates
  10. HIPAA in Healthcare
  1. Massachusetts Legal and Ethical Requirements for Pharmacy and Medical Device Representatives
  2. 2018 National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG)
  3. Orientation to the Operating Room for the Sales Professional
  4. Radiation Safety for Clinical Health Care Industry Representatives
  5. Risk Management and Ergonomics
  6. TB Prevention for the Healthcare Worker
  7. The Basics of Informed Consent
  8. The Sunshine Act: A Guide for Healthcare Providers
  9. AdvaMed and PhRMA Ethics Codes for Sales Professionals
  10. ISO 1348:2016 Requirements for Medical Devices