Everything we do at IntelliCentrics is driven by one goal: to make our customers’ healthcare environment safer. To say that we’re passionate about it borders on understatement. Why? Quality healthcare depends on a safe and environment. By prioritizing security, the experience creates a safe environment with the highest levels of compliance letting everyone in safely. Now, every individual entering a facility can contribute to preserving patient safety, from physicians, to patient visitors, vendors, volunteers and staff. Because facilities have health and safety obligations to their patients to know who is in their facilities and what they are doing there.

This environment is as important as the doctors and nurses you choose. Facilities that are vigilant in compliance and security earn the prestigious Five Rings Awards. Want to know if your facility prioritizes security? Know before you go.

IntelliCentrics, Inc. is a multinational security company focused on creating safe and environments in complex regulatory industries and trusted by nearly 10,000 facilities nationwide. Today, we are focused on healthcare, but tomorrow you’ll find us at home in many other industries. Regardless of the industry, we take away the distraction and the worry so safety-conscious administrators have one less thing to worry about. –it with IntelliCentrics. That’s what we do best.

As part of VTC Electronics, a R&D focused, multi-national security corporation, our focus is on providing vertically integrated, end-to-end solutions to organizations in industries such as healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, gaming, transportation, and oil and gas. VTC is represented around the globe by IntelliCentrics in Dallas, Texas, Montreal, Quebec, and Manchester England, and deView International in Dallas, Texas, Manchester, England and Shanghai, China.

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