Your sales manager calls while you’re driving to one of your facilities and tells you that a colleague has just quit her job. You need to take over an important meeting at a local hospital that’s scheduled in just one hour. “Don’t worry,” you tell your boss, “I’ll handle it.”
You pull safely to the side of the road and take out your smart phone. Using the Reptrax mobile app, you find and attach yourself to the hospital. You check your status and see that you have two policies and one requirement outstanding. You read and accept the policies. The missing credential is an insurance form. You pull the form out of your briefcase, take a picture of it with your phone, and upload the credential to your Reptrax account. With one touch, you call Reptrax Customer Service and inform them that the credential has just been uploaded. The customer service rep assures you that as a customer with expedited service the credential will be accepted.
You remember that you’ve colored your hair since your last Reptrax photo was taken. Employees at a new hospital may not realize it’s you on the badge. Smiling broadly, you quickly snap a picture of yourself and replace your profile image on your Reptrax account. Perfect, now you’re ready to visit the hospital.

But wait, you don’t know the quickest route. You view the map of all your facility attachments, click on the hospital, and get directions using the map app on your phone. You’ve done it. Without having to return to your office, you’re ready to represent your company at a new hospital, and you’ve just earned yourself a new account.
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