Healthcare vendor credentialing is essential to keeping your hospital, your staff and your patients protected and secure. But the process is time-intensive and requires reviewing the qualifications of thousands of vendor representatives and other professional visitors. In short, vendor credentialing can be a headache.
Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. By outsourcing vendor credentialing, you can have your proverbial vendor credentialing cake and eat it too. You’ll be able to enjoy all the background check goodness without any of the pain.

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1. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Saves You TimeTime is precious. No matter how you break up a day, there are only 24 hours in each one. Rather than spend your own reviewing the status of each vendor, outsourcing it to a professional vendor credentialing company frees up your day for other tasks.
2. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Utilizes Professionals You’re not a vendor credentialing professional. Most likely, your staff isn’t either. Asking them to handle your vendor credentialing needs requires them to learn entirely different skills from the ones they were hired to use. When you outsource this service, you use a professional who already has this skill set.
3. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Saves You Money Training your current staff or hiring full-time vendor credentialing professionals is expensive. It’s not just their salaries that cost you money. It’s their health care benefits, retirement plans, cost of working space and more. But the right vendor credentialing system saves you money—in fact, our ReptraxTM vendor credentialing platform is installed at no cost to your facility or health system.
4. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Helps Establish a Safety Culture Facilities that support a culture of safety and utilize safety efforts such as outsourced vendor credentialing tend to have higher safety ratings overall. Let all of your vendors and professional visitors know exactly where your facility stands when it comes to protecting your patients and your community.
5. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Ensures the Job Is Done Right Protecting your hospital, your staff, and your patients isn’t something to take lightly. Acquiring, storing, and managing vendor credentials including vaccinations, training documents, background checks, insurance and your own custom credential documents requires a trained credentialing team who is dedicated to the task. By outsourcing this process, you ensure all of your vendors are up to snuff, and you’re protecting your most valuable assets.
6. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Gives You Peace of Mind Taking a source of worry off your plate is priceless. When you’re handling vendor credentialing in-house, you need to make sure you dot every “i” and cross every “t.” That takes a lot of mental energy and can cause a lot of stress. By outsourcing these duties, you no longer have to handle them. You can enjoy peace of mind.
7. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Protects Your Organization Knowing which credentials you should require to protect your facility can be a challenge. As the provider of the largest vendor credentialing service, we can help you create vendor credentialing policies based on best practices to ensure your facility is protected. Since our inception, we’ve been guiding the industry towards uniform standards and practices.
8. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Helps You Manage Your Supply Chain Not only does outsourcing vendor credentialing help you save money in the credential approval process, but it can help you manage your supply chain and purchasing. With the Reptrax system, an accurate report of all vendor/visitor check-ins and outs is available any time and includes who the representatives met with and the topic of discussion. By restricting supplier access to hospital employees, you help curtail the purchase of non-contracted products and services.
9. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Helps You Diversify Your Vendor Base Using a diverse vendor base allows you to ensure your organization is meeting its diversity policy. A vendor credentialing system can help you track how many minority-owned and women-owned vendors you are using.
10. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Keeps You Current with Industry Trends On a daily basis, our staff pours through hundreds of electronic and print documents to discover credentialing and compliance trends. We are in constant communication with our facilities, our members and regulatory bodies. Combining this learning with our daily research, we develop best-practice recommendations for healthcare facilities. Healthcare standards for everything from OR protocol to National Patient Safety Goals will continue to evolve, and your credential and training requirements must stay current as well.
11. Outsourcing Vendor Credentialing Keeps You on the Forefront of New Technology As part of a multi-national security company, we keep our sights on the future of complete security and compliance management solutions. We are developing new tools that will make your job even easier including visitor management, staff training and efficient mobile applications.
Adverse events cost an average hospital over $5.1 million per year!  Can your hospital really afford not to have a credentialing program?  Click here to download our white paper to learn more about the cost of not credentialing.

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